Servicing Dubuque, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls & Iowa City

About Us

We are a family-owned business that has been refacing since 1975. Nu-Look Kitchens uses top of the line products including solid wood doors and 1/4″ Solid facing. Most competitors use 1/32″ peel-n-stick veneer which doesn’t stand the test of time.

We built our business with the motto “keep our customers happy & business will prosper.”

How long has Nu-Look Kitchens been in Business?
Our company has done over five thousand kitchens since starting business in 1975.

What kind of mess is involved with refacing?
It is a quick clean process. Your dishes don’t even have to be removed.

Can we add more cabinets or change the design of our kitchen?
Sure! We can also help with many ideas such as roll out shelves, pantries, new drawers, etc…

Do you do countertops?
We install new countertops on over half of our projects.
(Laminate, Granite, Quartz, and More)

Why reface over buying new cabinets?
– Clean
– Fast
– Save up to 50% verse new cabinets
– Top of the line Amish materials
– Best look on the market